Etang de Chanet France

Who we are


How it started

When Frans Claus bought Etang de Chanet, he had a clear goal in mind: creating beautiful carp water where everyone can enjoy our wonderful hobby in their own way. We started with that in 2017 and now we can finally show you the beautiful result!We are particularly aiming at the carp angler who likes to spend his fishing holiday in a beautiful environment with high-quality and luxurious facilities. The fisherman who fishes a week in France also sees it as a week vacation. We have worked extremely hard to create a challenging water with islands, turrets and all kinds of other interesting places to fish. The cuttings are very spacious and distributed over the water in such a way that there is enough space for everyone to relax and enjoy fishing.

The stock

The stock currently consists of 250 carp that we have selected from one of the best carp farmer in France. We released these fish in November 2019 and we immediately started a balanced diet to keep the fish in optimum condition. We have every confidence that each and every one of them will grow into characterful, weighty and fantastic fish!